Let Touch Typing Tutor make you a Touch Typing Pro!

No more looking at the keyboard! No more two finger hunting and pecking for the keys. Let our Touch Typing Tutorials teach you to touch type with accuracy, speed and professional confidence.
When you learn the skill of touch typing then not only will you improve your typing speed and accuracy but you will find that touch typing is better for your health, your focus and the efficiency of the work that you do. These free online touch typing tutorials will also eventually free up your time at the other end.  It will be so much quicker and easier to finish your typing projects when you can touch type.
How to use our free Touch Typing Tutor
It's true.  You do need to read the instructions :)
To receive the FULL benefits of this free online Touch Typing Tutor, be sure to complete ALL sections of: Beginner and Advanced Typing Tutorials.

The best way to approach our Touch Typing Tutorials is to begin with a typing tutorial at your level and don't move on too soon.  This will help establish some good typing haibts and build a strong foundation as you learn to touch type without looking at the keyboard.

NOTE: The more you practice, the easier touch typing is. So don't cheat by skipping tutorials or moving on too soon. 

There are four levels of learning at touchtypingtutorials.net (1) Beginner Tutorials (2) Advanced Tutorials (3) Typing Tests and (4) bonus lessons to be unlocked when you grab our eBook, "Touch Type like a Pro!" 
A quick note on our eBook...

Our website will teach you to touch type. Our e-Book will teach you to TOUCH TYPE LIKE A PRO.  The eBook was originally released for our site www.learntyping.org but is available here also at www.touchtypingtutor.net
We have four decades of experience in teaching touch typing to students both in physical classrooms and online.  WE are confident that TOUCH TYPING TUTOR will give YOU the skills you need to become a confident touch typist.

Our free online Touch Typing Tutor is suitable for students of all ages, experiences and abilities.  Our tutorials have been used by primary school pupils to seniors over 80.  It's been used by the home business person, trades people, surgeons, nurses, teachers and lawyers... Our typing tutorials have been used by people with no experience, to two finger hunt and peckers, to professional computer technicians and typing educators.

With Touch Typing Tutor you don't need to register or sign up.  You just arrive and start typing.  You don't need to set up an account with email and password to do the touch typing tutorials.   There is no restriction on which lessons you can do (though we do recommend you do them in order).  There is also no time out and we will not contact you unless you first contact us.

So, what are you waiting for...

Teaching Touch Typing for over 40 years

TouchTypingTutor.Net and LearnTyping.Org

The free online typing tutorials on this website were originally launched on our first site www.learntyping.org which has attracted over 250,000 visits a month and has been ranked number on Google for, "Learn Typing" for most of the last 8 years. 

Touch Typing Tutor is a new typing tutorial website with a new layout seeking to improve on our original success.  We are confident that as you follow the step by step typing instructions for the tutorials on Touch Typing Tutor you will become an accurate, fast and confident touch typist, master the keyboard and become a typing success!

Learn Touch Typing.  Prepare Your Future.

Learn Touch Typing - Become a top student, a highly skilled employee, a successful home business executive.