Advanced Typing Skills 4

"I have been practicing for a few months now, and I am amazed from having no typing skills to not being able to stop..... I also enjoyed the new Advanced lesson 7.... please keep on adding lessons. Thank You. - totally satisfied"
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Keyboard Workouts...

This first set of exerciess has an emphasis on the using the Right Hand.   In the Advanced Typing Skills lessons we will be focussing on practicing what you already know but we will be going deeper.  We will also be introducing new characters and character combinations. 


Keyboard Workouts...

Continued emphasis on the using the Right Hand.


Keyboard Workouts...

Punctuation and Left Hand Shift Key.  Introduction of Colon ":"

Average WPM and your progress.

While the average typing speed is 41 WPM a professional typist types 50-70 WPM.  Some who have put extra time into their training can average up to 120 WPM.  World records have exceded 200 WPM.  If you have been working through the lessons up to this point, you most likely are typing faster than when you started, and, if you've been paying attention to the instructions, more accurately which must come first. As the lessons progress you will continue to grow in accuracy, speed and confidence.


Keyboard Workouts...

Both Shift keys.  Introduction of the Comma  ","


Keyboard Workouts...

Full Stop (period).  And, Exclamation Mark!

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