Beginner Typing Tutorial 2 (A)


Have you watched the intro videos at the top of Beginner Typing Lesson 1 part I and part II?  The are some important tips here to get you started.
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"I have an average typing speed, but I used to type looking at the keyboard. But ever since I have been following your tutorials, I have improved a lot. And my typing speed too, has increased! Thank you so much for your guidelines!"
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A goal properly set is halfway reached ~ Zig Ziglar

Make your typing goals as specific as you can.

Actual times and days you will pracrtise
Length you will practice
Why you are learning to touch type
When do you want to have achieved this 

Introduction to Exercises

At this point you will have received most of the instruction you will need.  The big challenge now is to focus on steady regular practice times and not give up.  So in starting this lesson, here's a quick drill to get you ready.  Flex your fingers to loosen them.  Too easy. Do this several times.

OK, let's get started.  Notice the two keys G and H in the centre of the keyboard. Sit so that these are in front of the centre of your body.  Use fingers as shown.  G H and T are the focus for this lesson.
Keeping your fingers over the two sets of four Home Keys we just practised, stretch your index fingers across to G & H (left hand for "G" and right hand for "H") and type the following:
Both Hands
Stretch your Left index finger up/out to T (look on the keyboard) and type the following.
Flex your fingers again and your shoulders. Using the numbers on the chart tap the table as a warm up drill: 1 2 3 4 for left hand and 1 2 3 4 for right hand.  Now try typing asdf asdf and j k l ;  j k l ; again for a line. Enter the text below.  This is an important and short revision exercise

Try these fun phrases

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