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"I'm a teacher/trainer, & one of the things I'm praised for is my knowledge on how best to teach/train people new skills. With my experience, I immediately recognized that each of the lessons focuses on building new skills not only through repetition, but through logical progressions. It's no wonder I have quickly regained my 65 wpm speed!"
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~ Tony Robins

Introduction to Advanced Touch Typing Tutorials

Driving Blind

It would be dangerous to drive blind but in these advanced lessons you will be taken to a confidence level that will enable you to type with your eyes closed knowing that you are typing the correct keys.

In these advanced lessons you will be using knowledge you already have but you will be doing it in a way that you should start to find your fingers go to the correct keys without having to think too much about it.  To help you with this we will begin by zeroing in on some common letter combinations.

Common letter combinations

You can type each line without correcting errors then check for weaknesses, or correct your errors as you type using the Backspace key. To repeat a line hold down the Backspace key to delete from the end of the line to the start then retype. Or just hold down Control and press A to highlight and then hit Delete.


Exercises   1/4​


Exercises 2/4


Exercises 3/4​

Speed and Accuracy

Speed - approximately 41 WPM (Words Per Minute).

Accuracy - approximately 92 percent for a regular typist (8 x oops per 100 words).

Practice - people who type faster then the average 41 WPM, practice 3 x more.


Exercises 4/4

Practice with typing longer words.
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