Advanced Typing Skills 3

"Hi. I often search the net for some good typing practice to improve my typing skills, with useful words and phrases, not lots of useless drills. I like the way yours is set up and how I can start at any level I like. I especially enjoy the challenges of those 'tongue twister sentences' in Advanced Skills.. They are great."
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~ Jerome


Keyboard Workouts...

ADDITIONAL EXERCISES with a Left Hand emphasis using the right Shift key.

Choose one or two sentences each day to work on to improve your skills.
You can correct your errors using the "backspace" key.

In this section and the next, EVERY WORD in each sentence [with few exceptions] starts with the same letter.


Keyboard Workouts...

Typing jobs...

Apart from passing typing exams, using good typing skills to speed up the writing of your assignments and research, many people use their typing skills for a job. 
Here are 11 jobs that require good typing skills... 

Transcriptionist, Word Processors, Legal Transcriptionists, Data Entry,
Subtitling and Closed Captioning, Translation, Personal Assistants, Work from Home,
Software/Web/App Developers, Journalism/General Writing, Court Reporting... there are more.


Keyboard Workouts...

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