Advanced Typing Skills 6

"This is very good and helpful even though I am a computer professional and using computers for a living and I am using this site now to learn faster typing... I found this site very professional to the point without any gimmicks. Thank you for your wonderful service.. May God bless you !!!!!!!!!
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Keyboard Workouts...

The following drills have been prepared to associate some of the UPPER characters with the NUMBER keys they are placed on.


When you're on a mission and you're in the ZONE you want to stay there and keep on making progress.  To stop now would be a disaster!  You don't want to lose your focus.  But the fact is that you cannot stay in the zone forever.  Besides, it is guaranteed to be harmful for you if you don't take breaks (webmasater's voice of experience speaking here).  Your might develop some serious RSI, repetitive strain injury.

Here's some quick fire tips to remember and apply: look away form the screen at something more distant, blink your eyes, shoulder shrugs, shake out hands, make a fist and relax, move your head slowly side to side and up and down, focus breathing from lower lungs (ok, think stomach area), sit back and close your eyes for a minute, stand up turn around, do calf raises, push hands to the ceiling, do big circles with arms stretched out, touch your toes, lean back with hands supporting in lower back, take some deep breaths... get the idea.  Relax!  Look after yourself.  You're worth it!


Keyboard Workouts...

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