Advanced Typing Skills 7

"This is really useful course compared to other courses which are based upon software. I am lucky that I got link to this website. Now, I am able to type using all my fingers and I do not have to look at the keyboard any more. Thanks for putting up efforts in creating this course."
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Our greatest weakness lies in giving up.  The most certain way to succeed is always to try just one more time.

~ Thomas Edison
Thomas Edison invented electricity and the light bulb... after thousands of attempts!


Keyboard Workouts...

This is your last lesson in Advanced Typing Skills.  Well done. You can be very proud of yourself for what you have achieved.  Stay focused.
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Keyboard Workouts...

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Keyboard Workouts...

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Take time to enjoy the view

You've been working hard on your typing goals.  And maybe some other goals too.  But don't let them control you.  Take time to enjoy the view in life.  Be prepared to change your goals if you need to... after all, they are your goals. 


Keyboard Workouts...

The Keyboard Workout in this section and the next will be more difficult so don't be too concerned if it seems a bit slow at the start.  Again, the secret is practice.  You don't have to do it all in one session and when you have done it, you will need to come back to it again if you want to become proficient at typing numbers and special characters.
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Keyboard Workouts...

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Well done for sticking to your goals.  Time to celebrate.  You deserve it.

But before you go...  We have a question for you.  What's your speed limit? 

To find out we recommend that you do the free timed typing tests on our website.

You can check them out from the site menu.  But once again, Congratulations!
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