Beginner Typing Tutorial 1 (A)

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Most of the instructions for the whole typing course are in lesson 1.  After that, you will be on cruise control.  So.....
read the instructions.
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"I am new to computing and have never learned typing so have found it quite difficult to remember where the letters are. I have been searching for a suitable method to learn to type easily as I want to type up my life story. Suddenly I found yours and it's just what I need. I'm progressing slowly but surely so thank you so much."
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 Type real words and phrases before the end of lesson 1 (A&B)
Home Keys and Correct Finger Position
The image below shows the Home Keys for the left and right hand.  A S D F and J K L ; are referred to as the Home Keys because your fingers must return HOME to these keys after typing any other key.

The image shows Correct Finger Position for Home Keys.  Each key has number and colour codes for the matching finger.  For example, throughout this course your right index finger is used on all RED keys.

Most keyboards have small bumps just under the lettes F and J.  This makes it easy to find them by feel without looking.  Our Touch Typing Tutorials will teach you the correct finger position for all keys.

Let's Get You Started
  1. Left mouse click inside the first grey exercise box below.  You'll see the cursor 'blinking' in the box.

  2. Rest your fingers on the HOME KEYS.  Now copy the text from ABOVE each tex box by tapping the keys with the correct finger as shown in the image above.


  3. LEFT HAND EXERCISES.  Tap the letter "F" with the LEFT index finger (the pointer finger).
    Tap "F" four times. Then tap the space bar once with your right thumb to create a space.

  4. Next tap "D" four times followed by the space bar with your right thumb.  Then "S" four times followed by the space bar and finally "A" four times plus the space bar.  When you see a space between letters press the space bar.  Copy the letters until you reach the end of the line and then repeat.

  5. DELETING LINES YOU HAVE TYPED.  Left mouse click inside a text box, hold down the Control Key and type the letter A.  This will highlight all the text you have typed.  The very first letter you type will delete the highlighted text and you can start again. Always do each exercise box two times.

  6. Press the TAB key to move to the next exercise box.
Place the fingers of your
left hand over these keys.
Left Hand
To move to the next box, press the TAB key
or left click inside the box with your mouse.

Place the fingers of your
right hand over these keys.
To delete typed text, either use the backspace key, hold down control and press A then hit delete, or click the refresh icon on your browser.  

Right Hand
Both Hands
Place the fingers of your
left hand over these keys.
Place the fingers of your
right hand over these keys.
Focus on accuracy (hitting the correct keys) and forget about speed. 

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