Beginner Typing Tutorial 2 (B)


Remember, speed is not the most important thing at this time.  Speed will come but what you need now is accuracy.  Get to know where the keys are.
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I was very interested to learn typing in proper way, but I didn't have time until my youngest daughter informed me about your site, really it was a great gift and now I can type properly and reasonably without looking to the key board, I am blessed and very lucky!!! thank you Walid J.  surgeon
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Introduction to Exercises

New keys using the third finger on each hand
We start with a reminder: the index finger (sometimes called the pointer finger) is used to cover two letters in the same row.  On the LEFT hand, these are highlighed in Blue and are given the number 1.  On the RIGHT hand, these are highlighted Red and also have the number 1. 
Both index fingers have the number 1 because they are the FIRST finger on each hand.

LEFT HAND RING FINGER.  In the exercise that follows, you will be using the left hand ring finger (no 3, pink) for the letters W and S.

You will also be using the left hand index finger (no 1, blue) to stretch from the letter F to the letter T.

Left Hand
RIGHT HAND RING FINGER.  In the exercise below you are introduced to the letters L and O using the right hand ring finger (number 3, pink).  The left hand also is used.
Both Hands
RIGHT INDEX FINGER - stretch the J finger to Y.  More practice also for left hand.

Try these fun phrases

Use the right little finger for the semi-colon (;) beside the L key. 
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