Beginner Typing Tutorial 5

A lot of the challenge with learning typing is simple mind over matter. Or, put differently, if you dont mind the work, then it doesn't matter... because you know it takes time to gain technical skills, which is what you are doing.  So, it's all good.
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"I didn't think I could learn through a webpage but, I am typing faster and finally using all my fingers. I am surprised at how quickly I learned this new skill. Thank you!"
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Introducing the letter A and P
In these exercises you will get to practice more with the little finger of both left and right hands.  Type A with the Left little finger and type P with the Right little finger.
More practise here with the letter G.  By now you should be getting used to sttretching out with the left index finger. 
Two exercises for the little left finger reaching to the letter Q
Z an X coming up next.  Then you will have covered the whole alphabet.

If you focus on accuracy, speed and confidence will naturally come.

X and Z to finish.  Get used to dropping the little finger and the ring finger on the left hand from A to Z (4 black) and from S to X (3 pink).

Your first paragraph!

You've come a long way. Well done.
Read these two paragraphs then type them into the box below.
When typing paragraphs do not use the Enter Key to start each new line.  When you reach the end of a line the program automatically starts a new line for you.  You will see this when you type in the box below.  Then when you come to the end of the paragraph press Enter twice so that your new paragraph starts after a blank line below the first paragraph.

I hope you have enjoyed this typing course. You should now be able to visualize where each letter key is situated on your keyboard and which is the best finger to use for each key.  If you can do that you will find you will use less energy and finish your typing more quickly.

Personal Note

We hope you have enjoyed this typing course and can now visualize where each letter key is situated on your keyboard and which is the best finger to use for each key. If you can do that you will find you will use less energy, and finish your typing more quickly and easily. 

We like that we can offer this typing course free in the Internet and help so many.  We never dreamed it would get this big.  Now over 10 million visits at the start of 2018. 

But we're happy for it to get bigger. 

So if you've found it helpful would you please consider sharing it with others so they may benefit also.  Thank you so much.

But don't go yet. 

There's more. 

You have made a solid start and that deserves a resounding, Well Done!

We have so much more to teach you and we hope you'll hang around because we'd like to take you to the next level.  Beginner Typing Tutorials 6 and 7 will prepare you for this!

Coming your way soon, Advanced Typing Skills!!!

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