Beginner Typing Tutorial 6

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 Focus on Punctuation

Check the chart below for the correct finger position. 
The comma is next to M and the fullstop to its right. They are below K & L.
To type a capital letter or character such as the asterisk (*) do the following ...
    Hold the Right Shift Key for a Left Hand letter or character
    Hold the Left Shift Key for a Right Hand letter or character.


Type the instructions below the keyboard image, into the text boxes below them.
SPECIAL NOTE: Plesae ignore the brackets in this next section and just type what's [inside] them.
Typing in ALL CAPITALS.  This is known as UPPER CASE
When typing a word WITH ALL LETTERS IN CAPITALS push down the CAPS LOCK key beside the A key. When you're finished press the CAPS LOCK key again to return to normal.

You are not alone!

Apparently, every one tenth of a second, somewhere on earth, 600,000 people have just hit the space bar.  Who would have thought!
Introducing brackets ( ), Italics, Bold and Underline.

IMPORTANT NOTE: for Italics, bold and underline you will need to copy and paste the instructions into a word processing document as this website does not yet have a function for creating RICH TEXT (underline etc.) from user entry in a text area.
In this next section you will be practicing using the TAB key, CAPS lock, (brackets) and the exclaimation mark!
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