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Our website will teach you to touch type. Our e-Book (see video) will teach you to TOUCH TYPE LIKE A PRO and reach your maximum potential.

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NEW - Two AUDIO chapters from our eBook 

When you download our eBook, Touch Type like a Pro, we will send you a link to two key audio chapters from our eBook. We thought that some easy listening might be helpful as you buid a good foundation for a great typing experience. If you're feeling generous, you can "leak" these chapters to your friends... or, you can just keep them to yourself.  Enjoy :)
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Your Typing Success Guaranteed when you apply this powerful and proven system which reveals the secrets to fast, accurate and confident typing.
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You can read your e-Book on a Mac, PC, Smart Phone, iPad, iPhone, Tablet, Windows or just about any other mobile or desktop device regardless of brand.

Watch your confidence sky rocket and never have to suffer from slow, mistake filled typing again.

Here's what the professsionals are saying

This "little book" is a giant... and it is a life changer.

“Stop Making Those Mistakes!!!” and “The Need For Speed” have cleaned up my act.... My typing skill.... improved beyond my expectations; ... Thank you!

Jackie Benton - Writer
... comprehensive, well set out, easy to understand ..... suitable for all ages and skill levels. Thank you for the hard work you put into writing it.

Valerie Steele - Word Processing Tutor

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New SPEED Formula!

Discover your WPM (Words Per Minute) maximum speed

Many people are frustrated that they just can't seem to get much speed with their touch typing.  Others can type fast but are still curious as to how fast they can actually go.  Our new touch typing SPEED FORMULA is designed to build your speed from the ground up so that you can find out just how fast you can go.  This applies to beginner and advanced typists.


We've always wanted to say that.  We love it that we have a free webiste and we love it too that we are able to add some more free stuff for you to enjoy.
When you download our eBook we will give you FREE VIP MEMBERSHIP status and you will receive INSTANT ACCESS to the exclusive VIP MEMBER section of our website.

This section has special features to help you improve speed, accuracy and confidence so you can get where you want to go with your education, work or personal interests.

Last chapter of eBook has login details.
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